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St. Michaels Models Comprehensive Secondary School Nimo, is an educational, multicultural, Christian school open to all religious backgrounds which inevitably makes it a family-oriented school. The school sits majestically at Nimo community. Visitors to the school are awestruck by the spacious environment that is undoubtedly conducive and essential for the social and academic development of the young minds we nurture. Our learning environment is warm and homely with small class numbers which enables each teacher to give individuals, personalized support required by each child to develop to their full potential. Our Technology facilities are second to none. We are highly rated and our results speak for us.

Our Brief History

The School started on the historic and traditional land of Nimo people, who donated the land for the establishment of the school to the catholic church, with the commitment and kind gesture of Nimo as a town, a catholic convent for primary education was set up in 1948 under the headteacher miss Theresa Ajuba. In 1953, the school later metamorphosed into a preliminary training college for male teachers which runs for one year and was headed by Mr. E.A Okoli from Arondizuogu. The school was upgraded to run a two-year program as an elementary training college. Mr. I.N Anadi of Oraeri was the principal, and Mr. Gregory Aguligo later took over from him.

Nevertheless, the community's quest for establishing a secondary school necessitated Chief F.G Onyeiuke and delegates to make a former request to the eastern region government of Nigeria for such. The permission was duly granted by the then Government, which set up St Micheals secondary school, Nimo in 1963. The school was handed over to the catholic church to own and develop the school. Classes, however, started on the 18th Feb 1963, with a student population of 48.

Rv. Fr Richard Quinn CSSP was the pioneer principal of the school until Mr. A. A. Aniekie from Abagana took over from him in 1963. The pioneer students and principals did marvellously well to raise the required infrastructures needed in the school, though not without odds and hurdles.

Having been making tremendous achievements in morals, discipline, academics, e.t.c, the school was certified to take its maiden West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) in 1967 with the later outbreak of civil war which got almost everything in the school destroyed. The examination was later taken in 1970, after the end of the Nigeria/ Biafra civil war. The students’ remnant at the reopening after the war was about 357 students. The results of the examination were later cancelled because it was marred by the infamous "EXPO 70". Hence the retaken of the examination in 1971, where the school made wonderful results in the whole Eastern state. It is indeed worth noting that the government takes over the school from the mission after the civil war saw a serious dark age in the school system in Nigeria.

Be that as it may, the school was growing under the various administration of principals with the foundation laid by the church. During the regime of Col. Robert Akonobi as the military governor of Anambra state, the school was named St. Michaels model comprehensive secondary school. The various principals of this school worked tirelessly to upgrade and promote the school, and they all succeeded in their various capacities. We salute them all.






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Every achievment is nothing but the product of hard-work, devotion, diligence and resilience. Therefore, in order to succeed, we must make these qualities part and parcel of all our formative exercise and bedrock of all our collective aspirations.


In St. Michaels, we do our best to imbibe a holistic formation in academic, spiritual, physical and moral spheres of life and we cultivate these ideas as habit which simply means constant repeatation of an act over a period of time.


Admission! Admission!! Admission!!! Admission into JS1-3, SS1-2 is ongoing.We are happy to tell you that we are accepting new addmissions for new batch so dont delay get enrolled, forms are available at the school. For enquirers call: +2348039444817